This site is dedicated to the current and in-progress photographic work of Vivien Goldman.

About Vivien:

I was a large format black and white photographer for many years, influenced by the Modernist aesthetic of the f64 photographers. Ansel Adams and I grew up, decades apart, within a few city blocks of one another. Those West Coast images put me in mind of the landscapes of my youth.

I now have lived in New England for almost 40 years and my aesthetic and vision have changed, far away from the West coast mountains and ocean where I began. I am now drawn in the opposite direction, shooting often with limited depth of field, blurring backgrounds and edges, focusing close on details, on the ocean at ebb tide or things left lying scattered and forgotten inside abandoned structures, the remnants of lives as they once were lived.

I was an only child and spent many hours alone and daydreaming. Being an “only” left me with an interior landscape of images, and when I discovered photography I found a way to retrieve and render them. As with many photographers, memories drive my process, and the photograph often happens at a moment of recognition.

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